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Centri-Float® Pump System

Select end suction centrifugal pumps integrated into our balanced drop-in support system will deliver high-value performance in popular flow and head ranges. Capable of operating in relatively shallow depths with one impeller stage these units have a wide range of applications in low to medium pressure systems.

 Centrifloat has shallower draft, allowing more flexibility in shallow water sources, and allows for a lower cost for these particular types of system needs.


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Centri-Float Pump System Features

Standard features include:

  • Stainless steel hardware in wetted or submerged assembly points
  • Premium packing on 4-pole/ 1800-rpm models to minimize field maintenance
  • Hard faced mechanical seals on 3600-rpm models with Run-Dry option for additional extreme conditions protection
  • Modular floatation system allows replacement of individual float components if necessary
  • Clearwater self-cleaning suction screen allows for easy maintenance of pump while in water
  • On-board winch system allows for easy inspection of suction components
  • Heavy duty intake strainer, model specific
  • Cast Iron, bronze, and stainless steel fitted liquid ends, model specific
  • Bauer lever lock discharge hose adapter or custom piping connection as required
  • Galvanized steel pontoon mounting frame set with crossover lifting brace and winch kit

Ships with:

  • Weld-on hose shank for shoreline connection
  • (4) Stainless steel heavy duty hose clamps
  • Owner’s manual

Popular options:

Available Accessories:

  • Lay flat discharge hose
  • Mooring lines
  • SEOOW Power Cable
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