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Turbi-Float® Pump System

The original high performance floating custom pump system, Turbi-Float®, was developed to answer the requests for a purpose-designed product intended for use as a floating pump platform.
Multi-stage capable vertical turbine bowls are selected and assembled with a corresponding discharge body, motor, and float system into a complete unit for your critical pumping application. Over 50 standard models cover most applications, while the versatility of vertical turbine design provides ultimate flexibility to handle specific conditions not covered in our standard product line.

Turbifloat has wider hydraulic range that only a multi-stage pump can deal with


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Turbi-Float Pump System Features

Standard features include:

  • Seal-less pivoting discharge body with above-surface connection
  • WP-1 type motors designed for the demands of product handling and use
  • Modular floatation system allows replacement of individual float components if necessary
  • On-board winch system allows for convenient inspection and maintenance of suction screen
  • Heavy duty galvanized steel intake strainer
  • Cast Iron, bronze fitted bowl assembly
  • 150# flanged discharge with hose adapter
  • Optional Clearwater self-cleaning suction screen allows for easy maintenance of pump while in water
  • Galvanized steel pontoon mounting frame set with crossover lifting brace and winch kit

Ships with:

  • Weld-on hose shank for shoreline connection
  • (4) Stainless steel heavy duty hose clamps
  • Owner’s manual

Popular options:

  • Wheel kit to allow for roll-in/roll-out installation (when shoreline conditions permit)
  • Skid kit system allows the pump to stay in upright position in the event the water level is below minimum draft requirements

Available Accessories:

  • Articulating platform coupling system to position multiple pumps in parallel
  • Floating discharge manifold for pumps in parallel into common header
  • Lay flat discharge hose
  • Mooring lines
  • SEOOW Power Cable
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