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Conventional turbines and end-suction centrifugal pumps

With the largest inventory in the region of vertical lineshaft turbine pumps, end suction centrifugal pumps, motors, and accessories, long factory lead times and disappointing delays are avoided. Irrigation systems contractors and other users of these pump products receive fast and accurate product identification, costing, prompt production and shipment. Factory direct purchasing assures Dealers of competitive pricing eliminating intermediate wholesale suppliers.

Quality Systems Design

Distributed Products to Customize Your Build

Mechanical contractors depend on Canfield Custom Pumps for rebuilds, modification, and replacement of municipal, commercial, and industrial pumping equipment.

Quality Systems Design

We carry FlowServe, Cornell, Paco

Flowserve vertical turbine components in stock for flows up to 3000 gallons per minute meet the demands of most center pivot, flood, drip, and other irrigation applications. End suction centrifugal pump components from Cornell and Paco through 50 horsepower solve most common and many unusual applications.

Quality Custom Builds

Fabrication Services

Fabrication and machine shop services provide quick production of exact performance trims, vertical pumps built to required dimensions, and accessories that allow for easy application and installation.

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